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What is PHPBTTracker-Admin?
PHPBTTracker-Admin is a modded highly added to version of DeHackEd's PHPBTTracker.

What are the added features?
Added features of the Current Version (Unreleased) include:
  • Administration Script (Use Login/PW: Admin/phpbttracker to try it out) - Add/Remove/Edit torrents, and check the Peer status of peers.
  • IP Banning - (VIA Administration Script) Ban IP's that are abusing the tracker.
  • GZip Compression - The only PHPBTTracker to allow optional GZip compression. (DeHackEd's version dosn't have this)
  • Peer Killing - Kill peers VIA Administration Script.
  • % Completed on stats page & Peer page.
  • More Options then the origonal tracker. (IE. You can decide to Denie Shareaza Clients or not, have the Stats in a seperate table or the same table as the torrent listings.)
  • Group Filter - Have mutiable release groups in seperate filtered pages. (To be added before release)
  • And more comming soon! Logo

Original PHPBTTracker By DeHackEd
PHPBTTracker Admin by KnightAR

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